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  • Stress-Free Search Engine Optimization

    Every business works hard to stay competitive in the online marketplace. Search engine optimization, the process of improving one’s search rankings, is an important method of gaining visibility for many Bozeman, Montana businesses. A business owner generally puts themselves into the searcher’s shoes to see how his or her business ranks amongst the competition. With local searches gaining a large number of website visits, even small companies can showcase their goods and services to interested buyers. Read More »

  • Photos from 2011 Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman

    Photos from 2011 Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman

    Every now and again I enjoy sponsoring a small contest on Twitter and other social media networks. The whole idea is to foster a bit of community involvement and to see who the most active users are. I felt like the annual Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman, Montana would be a great cause to rally around. Last week I posted a quick Tweet calling for Sweet Pea Festival photo entries. Read More »

  • Using WordPress to power small business websites

    Using WordPress to power small business websites

    Today’s Manifest marketing minute explores the popular content management system WordPress. Philip Downer discusses why Manifest Creative believes this platform is a powerful tool for Montana’s small businesses to extend their reach on the internet. Read More »

  • Social Media resources for Bozeman businesses

    Last night was the 2010 Bozeman Tweetup hosted by the good folks over at KBZK, Future Farm and, of course, Manifest Creative. While the numbers have yet to be tallied, I’d be willing to bet that there were just about 100 Bozeman business owners in attendance. Sean Golliher of Future Farm gave a great presentation on why every small business should be involved in social media. I was asked to give a brief talk on how to get started with Facebook and Twitter. Read More »

  • Surprising your customers

    Surprising your customers

    Surprise can be a wonderfully potent element of any business’ marketing arsenal.

    When Chad Kimm, owner of Crema Roasting in Bozeman, Montana, stopped by our studio last week, it was completely unexpected.

    Read More »